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Case Analyst (posted 2017-06-09)

Qualified Candidates will possess the following:

-          Communication: Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Must be able to deliver a professional, clear, and concise message without spelling or grammatical errors. 

-          Organization: Ability to handle multiple demands simultaneously and can effectively prioritize the demands for maximum efficiency

-          Analytical: A keen eye for accuracy and compliance within a set of rules and guidelines.  This job specifically includes investigating the financial affairs of individuals in financial distress.

-          Supportive: Understand what it means to support another team member and sometimes put others’ goals ahead of one’s own.

-          Service Oriented: Patience and the ability to understand the needs and/or desires of the stakeholder(s) and deliver win/win solutions.

-          Motivated: Intrinsically motivated to produce a high quality work product - not motivated by extrinsic rewards or accolades. 

-          Accountability: Finds satisfaction in a job well done; takes ownership of mistakes and makes a concerted effort to correct.

-          Computer skills: Must have above average knowledge of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, Outlook).  Must also possess working knowledge of PDF software (creating PDFs, document mark-up, redaction). 

-          Experience: Work history must suggest that the above skills were utilized.

-          Professional: Attendance at court proceedings and communication with court and other legal staff requires professional attire and a high level of communication skill.

-          Education: A college degree is desired, but not required.  Math skills are a must.


To be successful the candidate must: Be able to assimilate new information quickly.  Be able to adapt to process and responsibility changes rapidly.  Possess an acute awareness of absolute deadlines and management of such.


Position: Full time, 40 hours per week, M-F.  This is an office setting, desk job, working at a computer.  Occasional offsite travel may be necessary.


Compensation: Salary grade range $40k to $60k, however candidates typically start at the low end (depending on experience and qualifications).


Benefits: Generous retirement plan, health insurance (100% for qualified employee), vision, dental, life, generous paid time off (PTO) and federal holidays.


Eligibility: You must be able to pass background and credit checks.


Relocation and remote work are not offered.


If you are interested and qualified please submit your resume and cover letter to

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